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What is debt consolidation?

9 January 2024

Debt consolidation is a financial strategy that can provide relief and simplify the repayment process for individuals facing multiple debts. It involves merging multiple debts into a singular loan or payment, making it easier to manage and potentially reduce overall interest rates. Simplified Repayment: Instead of managing multiple due dates

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Common Reasons Why Businesses Fail and How to Prevent It

2 January 2024

Starting a business is an exciting endeavour, but sadly, not all ventures succeed. Various factors contribute to the failure of businesses, including poor planning, lack of market research, and insufficient financial management. Here are some common reasons why businesses fail and provide practical tips on how to prevent it from

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Choosing Between Fixed and Variable Interest Rate Loans

26 December 2023

When it comes to securing financing, deciding between a fixed interest rate loan and a variable interest rate loan is a crucial consideration. Each option has its own benefits and factors to consider. A fixed interest rate loan offers stability and predictability. The interest rate remains constant throughout the loan

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Financial Planning for a Dream Holiday

19 December 2023

Planning a holiday is an exciting prospect, but it’s essential to ensure that your finances are in order so you can avoid any unnecessary stress or financial strain. By taking the time to create a solid financial plan, you can enjoy your holiday

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